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My version of a Tea Garden

In 2007 we uncovered a location for what would be a Tea Garden within our landscape. The vision has changed as no structure is in place yet. The black berries were cleaned out the previous year which allowed us to see the space better. Working within the restrictions of time and funding; it was determined that the landscape placement and plantings could and should begin and building structures will be added later. The site is on a slope, so rocks were not only desirable, but essential to establish a flat area for a future structure. A cottage design  is more likely than an actual Tea House. The intent will be too create seclusion and separation from the rest the of garden.  The inner gate is in place. It's made of iron, and certainly not traditional. However the same design appears in other pieces of art in the landscape and I think it works well here. In 2008 Alder weeds were removed as they are not reliable as long term landscape trees. Plus they are really messy trees! A bench has been placed and is used when thinking of what to do next. This garden may take several years to get to the point where it is simply maintained, but it's started and with time should feel more comfortable each year.

Tea Garden site 2007

Tes Garden site 2007

Garden in jJuly 2007

Alder Weed Removal

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